Your Weekly Moon Mission from HyperSwap

Welcome to another edition of the Star Chronicles. Yep, we change the title weekly to keep you on your toes. Are you on those toes yet? Good.

There’s a lot going on for us to share with you this week, so get comfy in your favorite space suit and read on.


We’ve all been waiting for it, now the time is finally almost here! Your Hyper LP is going to be able to be shoved into the Vaults to compound some mad gains.

Just like in the previous edition, Vaults will be accessible right on the HyperJump Site, with the vaults Powered By Beefy Finance!

We are so excited to get these vaults started, and there will be more vault developments as we move forward. Stay tuned for all of the meaty goodness.

Liquidity Pools

Many BSC projects, new and old are beginning to offer their farming tokens as rewards with liquidity pointed to Hyperswap. Why? We’ve laid out multiple reasons:

  • Full 0.3% trade fees to liquidity providers
  • Dedicated nodes for reliable, up-to-date analytics
  • Free ChartEx integration for all pairs. Your users will be able to chart your token live.
  • Free Token Listing. No copy and paste of contract addresses required, your token can be listed on the default drop-down menu. Easy peezy.
  • Helmed by a team of BSC Enthusiasts who believe that we grow by helping and encouraging each other. The Hyper Crew is here to help so we all grow together.

If you run, or are involved in, a project and would like to see farms with LP on Hyperswap, give us a shout, we would love to talk to you about pointing your farms at us.

Last Call To Convert THUGS

If you have been holding on to that last moment in order to convert your Thugs to HYPR now is that time. The conversion process will officially close Monday 22, 2021 at 21:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

If you still have those tokens, please go to our Conversion telegram channel at: This Telegram channel will be closed once the conversion deadline passes. This is your final call.

1Inch Integration

You will now find HyperSwap pairs available on 1inch. This is a great step for AMM volume, as the 1inch exchange goes out and finds the best price on all of their listed exchanges and processes the trade through that exchange.

More volume incoming with the users of 1inch being steered to HyperSwap!

It’s getting Cold in Here!

Have you met the Blizzard Caves? If not, check them out at You can stake your Alloy as a single asset staking option for BLZD rewards. Currently this single asset Cave is paying out to the tune of 792%. That’s more than a couple of flakes Mr. Murray.

We’re big fans of Blizzard and anticipate more great things from them in the future. It’s pretty cold on Asteroids from what we hear. Maybe some Space Blizzards?

Speaking of partners, you can also use your Alloy/BNB LP to farm SOAK over with our friends at Sponge. Check that out here:

Did someone say Games?

If you have been with the project for a while, you know that one of our key developments will be games. We are going to find ways to integrate all sorts of games into the BSC platform. Starting Very, Very soon.

Editor’s Note - How soon? Very soon.

Keep an eye out for our first game to be announced for you to be able to play around with. Token integration may not be live right at the start, so the game may be free to play, but we’ll figure out a way to reward players.

More soon on this front. Rest assured, this will be but the first of many games we expect to roll out as the project matures and progresses.

Winner Winner

Speaking of Games, we love our contests around here. We kicked off HyperLaunch with a bang and loads of fun Memes competing for a share of $1,000 in prizes.

After the DAO had a chance to judge the entries, the picture above scored the most points and is your grand prize winner for $250. Here are the rest of your winners!


$100 each
@bacodsan_tuyy @hayokap

$75 each
@OrlandoMuzz @marisacang @ge3mac00

$50 each
@liana_exo @shynoob @urdeepsadness

$30 each
@VanDamme81510060 @Bcott2021 @papahaliff @hit9project @bobtrack5 @minto_seo

Congrats to all of our winners. Prizes will be distributed imminently!

On to the next!

If you didn’t get chosen as a winner in this one, you won’t have to wait too long for the next opportunity. In just a few days we will be announcing our next contest! This one will be with an upcoming partner project, and once again there will be $1,000 on the line to be won. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Telegram for announcements.

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