Launching Soon: Hyper Farming in the Fantom Zone

Good things come to those who wait, and we tried not to keep you waiting very long. Now we are just about ready to release some Space Farming!

Those of you who have been with us over on the BSC network are familiar with our Asteroid Field, where you can farm our Alloy token. Next week, the farm comes to Fantom. We’ll hold some of the information close to the chest for now. But what we can say is you will have some pretty high APY opportunities to earn a new token on the Fantom network. Keep your eyes on the horizon and get that Hyper LP ready!

Shortly after we launch our Farms on Fantom, we will be introducing Mech Staking as well. The first dual reward staking to come to FTM!

After chatting with the Fantom community over the past week it has come to our attention that a lot of people are not familiar with the way our dual staking system works, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to give a primer on how our mech workshop earns you DOUBLE REWARDS!

By this point, we are going to assume if you are here you are familiar with Yield Farming and Providing Liquidity to earn reward tokens. Now we are going to add the second layer. With Mech Staking, you will be able to leverage your reward tokens to earn more reward tokens PLUS additional pooled tokens!

Please note:

  • 1 Mech will always be equal to 5 of the new farming token. You CAN stake partial Mechs.
  • Mechs are not a tradeable or swappable token on any markets, they are a staking contract. To sell you will need to convert back to the base token (at a 1 mech = 5 reward token basis).

Below you can see an example of this in practice on the BSC Mech Workshop.

You Always earn our reward token, then you also get Pool tokens!

As you harvest your reward token from the Mech Workshop, you can always use those reward tokens to make more Mechs to compound your staking power. You also earn those additional pool tokens. The additional pools are typically partner pools providing you exposure to new projects with their tokens.

You can put all of your mechs to work in one pool, or spread them out to gather several different project tokens at once. These pools will typically be short timeframe pools, and you will want to move your mechs around consistently to ensure they are the hardest working Mechs in the workshop! New tokens will be added as the ecosystem grows and more partnerships can be discovered in the vast emptiness of space.

Users will be able to earn:

  • Unannounced Farming Token
  • Aurora
  • ALLOY (Bridged from BSC)
  • wFTM
  • And various other Fantom tokens!

We will be launching the Fantom Mech Workshop in the very near future and hope you can tune in to check it out!

Users who are providing liquidity on will be eligible for an early airdrop of $AURORA as well as be in position to be among the first to start earning the new farm token as soon as possible, so head on over to and add some liquidity to make sure you aren’t rushing to get in when the farms go live!

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