HyperJump Launches ONTO into the Asteroids: Earn ONT & ALLOY Worth $190,000 in new Asteroid Field & Mech Staking program!

HyperJump is pleased to launch our newest relationship with ONTO, a CrossChain Wallet Project aiming to help users truly diversify their digital profile.

Beginning May 25 GMT 22:00, you can earn a share of approximately $130,000 worth of $ALLOY and $60,000 worth of $ONT.

Additionally, using the ONTO Wallet to interact with HyperJump could make you eligible for an airdrop of ONTO’s ONG token. Additional details below.


We are adding two new Asteroids for your farming pleasure: ONT-ALLOY and ONT-BNB. Users can supply liquidity in either pool to start earning ALLOY rewards.

HyperJump’s ONT-BNB farm will run for 6 weeks, whereas its ALLOY-ONT farm is intended to run indefinitely.

We’ve been able to structure this farm in such a way to bring ONT Liquidity providers an out of this world reward mechanism.

  • First 48 hours of the event = 6x multiplier $ALLOY rewards!
  • 3rd & 4th day of event = 3x multiplier $ALLOY rewards!
  • 5th onwards = Normal reward structure.

Put your MECHS to work for sweet double rewards in ONT & ALLOY!

Your MECHS will be in pure rapture (If Mechs had emotions) being put to work earning part of the $60,000 in ONT Rewards that will be available through the Mech Workshop!

If you are new to HyperJump, our Mech Workshop is a unique dual rewards system, allowing users to turn their ALLOY tokens into MECHS. 5 ALLOY = 1 MECH (They can convert right back to ALLOY at the same Ratio). Just owning MECHS means you will be earning additional ALLOY rewards.

But wait, there’s more! Stake your MECHS in the ONT Pool to earn a part of the ONT rewards found there. This is in addition to the ALLOY Rewards you are already earning!

Stake One Token, Get Two Tokens. It really is that simple! New to the Mech Workshop? Get started with our video tutorial.

ONG Giveaway — ONTO Bonus!

By earning ALLOY and ONT via HyperJump using your ONTO Wallet, you also have a chance to earn ONG rewards.

The first 300 users to participate in either the ONT-BNB/ONT-ALLOY liquidity pools or MECH staking in the first 7 days of farming will be rewarded with an equal share of 500 ONG. If there are fewer than 300 total participants, then the 500 ONG will be evenly split between a smaller group — which means more ONG for each winner!


  1. All ONTO users can participate but each device/ONT ID is counted only once.
  2. Users must use their ONT ID digital identity wallet or import ONTO multi-token wallet and cannot use a BSC single-chain wallet if they want to have a chance to receive a portion of the 500 ONG airdrop.

New to ONTO? Get started with their video tutorial.

ONTO Wallet

ONTO helps users create a decentralized digital identity, which is built on the Ontology blockchain and which fully protects their data privacy through an encryption algorithm. Aiming to provide a safe and convenient one-stop service for users worldwide, ONTO Wallet is designed for mobile, with the ONTO Web Wallet also available for desktop.

Download via onto.app or search “ONTO Web” on the Chrome Web Store.


HyperJump is a community-driven cross chain project aiming to provide users with the best DeFi AMM, Farming and Vault experiences. With a focus on user security, our goal is to protect users from the exploits and rug pulls that run rampant through the DeFi Space. Our Community is our passion, and our social channels are open 24/7 where someone is on hand to answer questions and offer a helping hand. We don’t shut down, or turn on Slow Mode when times are tough. We talk to our community.

HyperJump began its journey in October 2020 as a meme project, and has grown to be a known name in the DeFi Space with a unique, game-based, backdrop and “only of its kind” dual staking program called Mech Workshop where users stake one type of token for two different reward tokens.

Continuing to innovate in the space, HyperJump recently launched their project on Fantom Network, alongside their Binance Smart Chain base, with a future as bright as the stars themselves!



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