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Greetings Space Cadets! Space Rangers! Hypernauts! And everyone else who found their way to this medium. We’re glad to see you, and welcome you to your weekly news you can use in all things HyperJump.

Let’s start with the analytics capture above. We just completed our 10th straight day with over $1 million in daily volume. Our last day under that mark was March 3rd, when we hit $840k. Trading volume is finding its way to the HyperSwap and we welcome every dollar of it!

More Trading, More Burning

Stannis was a pansy, HyperCrew feel no emotion when burning alloy

You know what volume brings? Burns. 0.1% of every transaction goes to the fund that buys and burns alloy tokens out of circulation. Our burn to circulating supply percentage has been slowly increasing each day. We started with burning about 1% of the total circulating supply, we are currently up to burning 2.7% of circulating supply per day.

*Editors Note - Wait, how much are we burning now?!

Over 108k ALLOY tokens have been burned in total since the launch of Hyperswap.

Verifiably burnt to Deployer address. What is dead may… stay dead!


Just because you have a map doesn’t mean anyone can read it.

The community has asked for an updated roadmap. The community asks, the DAO delivers. In the coming days, we will have an updated roadmap with the plans that we have for the future. We will not be committing to drop exact execution dates because this is crypto and anything can happen. What we will do is outline what we plan to execute and roughly the order in which we plan to do so. Frankly, the team can be more productive when not spending 85% of their time answering “Wen?” questions.

The next 7 to 10 days

Having said that, here’s a quick rundown of some of the things you can expect to see in the very near term. Some of these are things are related to the “Wen” questions and we promise they are coming #soon. But every item comes with unique challenges. We continue to work with other projects and our ever-growing list of partners to make these things a reality.

Vaults — You should see Beefy vaults go live in the next week on the beefy dapp. Hyper Hosted Vault strategies are being worked out as well.

*Editor’s Note - Wtf is a hosted vault?

You will be able to compound your holdings, directly from the Hyper website, sooner rather than later.

*Editor’s Note - Oh, neat!

Track your Yields, soon including Hyper pairs!
  • YieldWatch integration — The Crew over at YieldWatch has been extremely busy, but they have given us an expected timeframe of having Hyper in their dashboard by late this coming week. Once Hyper gets on there, you’ll be able to monitor your farms and allocations alongside any other yield farms you have.
  • Members of the DAO continue to be in contact with the teams at Coin Gecko, CoinMarketCap, Defistation, and other listing sites to get the Hyper project tokens, as well as our exchange data correctly listed on each of these sites. Updates will be announced as they become available. This is not something that can be done on our timeline, but they are in the works and we will keep in constant communication with the teams involved.


I’ve been after a TradeWars Server for months!

No, we are not getting Trade Wars… yet. I am still fighting for it though. I know, I know, most of you are too young to know what Trade Wars is, but I promise, back in my day, it was cutting-edge BBS gaming.

*Editor’s Note - Can someone check grandpa’s blood pressure? He’s talking about the past again.

What is being worked on is a brand new Discord Game. Yes, our Discord server often gets overlooked with so many people on the telegram channel, but some of our team are ardent Discord fans, and Discord is a better platform for creating games, or so I am told. So that is where the action will be happening. This is not something that will be seen in the short term, or maybe even medium term, but it will be coming. We will share more as progress is made. All questions pertaining to “Wen” on this project will likely be ignored . . . for now.

We take community feedback seriously. Below is a little alpha on one of the things that are being considered for our future game development. If you want to keep up with the Alpha, or maybe contribute some ideas of your own, make sure you join our telegram, linked below.

More Chains?

I got more Chains!

Absolutely no timeline on this one. But discussions have been hinted at about adding additional chains over time. What chains? What functionality? We will leave that to your speculation. For now, just know it is a consideration.

Auto Setting Slippage?

I’m not slipping, I’m breakdancing!

Another one that there is no timeline on — Auto Setting Slippage for sale of HYPR tokens.

We know that the “can’t trade Hypr” question comes up repeatedly in the telegram, and we appreciate the community helping us answer this question over and over again.

Setting the slippage automatically is under consideration. The problem here is that the slippage does not automatically reset back to what you had it at prior to selling HYPR after your sale. That could mean you get front run on your next transaction because you forget to reset the slippage manually.

The team is still considering the pros and cons of this. Stick with us, we will figure out the best path forward on this one.

Enter The Woodsman

This may or may not be the ax that took out The Big Bad Wolf.

We’d like to take a moment to welcome a new member of the DAO. The Woodsman has joined us, bringing his strong connections and community-building skills to the Hyper DAO.

His primary duty will be working with third-party farm projects to get them to add Liquidity on HyperSwap for their Farms.

With the best Liquidity Provider Fees in the game, this should be a no-brainer for new projects to help their community make the most money possible while farming on their sites.

With more farms pointing their Liquidity at Hyperswap, our TVL goes up, and more Volume is pushed out way.

More Volume = More Burns

More Burns = Lower Alloy Supply

Lower Alloy Supply = Higher Alloy Price

*Editor’s Note - The lack of Mankind gifs on the internet is discouraging, to say the least

If you work with, or have connections at, a farming project that would be interested in adding farming pairs with liquidity at Hyper, please make sure to touch base with The Woodsman on telegram to open discussions.

Closing out the Contest

We’re closing this update with a quick reminder that there is still a short amount of time left to submit your #HyperLaunch memes for a portion of $1000 in prizes that will be distributed this week.

Read more about the contest here: HyperLaunch Meme Contest

Entry Period Ends 03:00 UTC Tuesday, March 16, so make sure to get those memes in soon!

Space Dragon?

Burny things gotta burn

There have been rumors of HyperCrew spotting what resembled a dragon out the windows of our HyperCraft. Is it possible that Trogdor followed us on our space journey? Could he be coming to burn Alloy with us? If anything is hot enough to burn Alloy, dragon fire seems like the obvious thing.


Keep a sharp eye on the horizon. You never know when the fiery worm may show up!

Also as we close out this latest update, we’d like to thank all the people who have stuck by us since the beginning. As a truly decentralized team and group effort, we are lazer-focused on delivering the best user experience and long-term yield farming solution for BSC. There may be hiccups along the way, but our efforts speak for themselves. We will keep pushing forward through obstacles until all our goals are reached!

Our Socials

Make sure you follow us and join the community on all the things. We’ll be happy to see you!








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HyperJump is a multi-chain platform which groups all the DApps in just one dApp with a friendly, clean and innovative user interface

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